Oxy-fuel cutting in Cardiff and throughout South Wales

Oxy-fuel cutting is a cost-effective production process of cutting low or mild alloy steel, combined with weld preparations. The flame cutting, or oxy-fuel process, utilises a fuel gas flame to set the materials at an ignition temperature, after which a minimum of 99.5% of oxygen jet is applied on the heating spot to oxidise the metal.

Advantages of oxy fuel cutting:

While the use of the torch helps to boost cutting productivity, the quality of the cut varies depending on the surface condition and thickness of the material. Oxy-fuel flame cutting can produce high-quality cuts and hole piercings for all low and mild-alloy steels.

  • Oxy-fuel torches can be used for a range of applications, and are capable of brazing, cutting, welding, heating and more.
  • A cost-effective means of combustion
  • Transportable
  • Superior cut quality
  • Perfect for thick materials
  • We also offer plasma cutting for a host of domestic and commercial requirements in Cardiff. Contact us for further details.
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