Plasma cutting in Cardiff and throughout South Wales

Plasma cutting is the process of thermal cutting materials that are unsuitable for oxy-fuel cutting, such as aluminium or high alloy steels.

Benefits of plasma plate cutting:

The plasma cutting process is designed to cut electrically conductive metals. The plasma cutting system consists of a power supply, a torch and an arc starting circuit. By using electrically conductive gas, it helps in the energy transfer from the electrical power source to a plasma torch and then to the material for cutting.

For superior, productive cuts on various materials, this process provides process control, ionisation capability and electrical energy. To maintain the plasma arc after the ionisation process, it requires the supply of a constant DC power source.
Requires medium heating input
Superior cutting speed
Can be used for a wide range of materials
Excellent automation
Ideal for all electrically conductive materials
Portable and easy to use
We also undertake a range of powder coating services that include polyester, epoxy and nylon

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